Financial Aid

Family Cooperative Preschool provides short and long-term tuition assistance, based upon need. Financial Aid applications are included in the enrollment mailing. Additional copies can be obtained by contacting the school at 978-682-4012.

Financial Aid at Family Cooperative Preschool: Questions and Answers

Why is Offering Financial Aid a Core Value of Family Cooperative Preschool?

The group of parents who founded our school in 1952 and Mrs. Mary Charles, a prominent North Andover resident and benefactress to the school throughout her life, believed strongly that the school be open and available to the entire community. One of the ways we try to honor that legacy is to offer financial aid to help defray the cost of tuition. The fund we maintain for financial aid is named for Mrs. Mary Charles, and we are proud to be one of the very few preschools we know of to offer financial aid. At present the total annual amount available for distribution is the equivalent of two four-day tuitions.

Who Are the People Involved in Making Financial Aid Decisions?

The Financial Aid Committee is made up of three volunteer members who are not currently associated in any way with Family Cooperative Preschool, other than that they care deeply about the school. They might have had children who attended several years ago, but that is not a prerequisite. The Family Co-op Board of Directors is responsible for nominating and approving members of the Financial Aid Committee. One member of the Board of Directors serves as Liaison to the Committee. That Board member is the contact person for parents who have questions or concerns about financial aid and for the Family Co-op Assistant Treasurer if there are questions regarding tuition payments. The names of families who are receiving financial aid are known only to the Financial Aid Committee, the Board Liaison and the Assistant Treasurer.

What is the Timeline?

Applications for financial aid are included in the enrollment acceptance packet mailed out in mid January. The application must be filled out and mailed to the Board Liaison by February 1. The Financial Aid Committee meets in February to discuss and decide upon the distribution of funds. Recipients are notified by March 1.

How Much Money is Available to each Applicant?

The goal of the Financial Aid Committee is to grant money to help defray the cost of tuition to families who, due to financial circumstances, would not otherwise be able to attend Family Co-op. It is expected that families will contribute some of the tuition on a monthly basis; thus, in almost all cases, partial rather than full financial aid is awarded.

How Does the Financial Aid Committee Work?

The Financial Aid Committee meets after receiving all the applications from the Board Liaison. Each application is reviewed and references are contacted. There is no preference necessarily given to siblings of former recipients, current students who already receive aid, families with multiple students, or the role a parent might have fulfilled at the school. In other words, each application is reviewed based on the financial need represented in the application. There is no guarantee that every applicant will receive financial aid or that they will receive the amount requested. The Committee does the best it can with the total amount allocated.

What if I Don't Receive the Amount I Need to Enroll?

We realize that the first non-refundable deposit toward tuition is due before you are notified of the amount of financial aid you will receive. If you are unable to enroll your child at the school because you received less financial aid than expected, that initial deposit will be refunded to you. In such circumstances please contact the Board Liaison for a refund.

What Happens if My Child is Accepted After the February 1 Deadline?

Most of the allocated amount of financial aid is distributed when the Committee meets in February. However, your financial aid application will be reviewed regardless of when you submit it.

What if I Have a Financial Emergency After School Starts?

Emergency financial aid may be requested at any time during the school year using the same application process. If a parent has the need for financial aid during the school year, she/he can request an application from a teacher or the Assistant Treasurer.

If you have any questions about the Mary Charles Financial Aid Program at Family Cooperative Preschool, please feel free to contact Cathy Bakkensen, Board Liaison,

Revised: Jan 2013