Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of dedicated volunteers who passionately believe in the core values of Family Cooperative Preschool and who are committed to the longevity of the school. Every member is a parent who has experienced our preschool first hand.

The Board Members are listed below:

  • Barbara Hartrich (Chairperson / Enrollment Liaison)
  • Cathy Bakkensen (Financial Aid Liaison)
  • Gretchen Trafton
  • Lori Buseck (Personnel Committee Chair)
  • Julia Ross
  • Kimberly Hearst (Treasurer)

The Parent Executive Board is led by the following members:

  • President: Colleen Regan (also on the Board of Directors)
  • Vice President: Maura Pollister
  • Fundraising Chair: Lindsay Connolly (also on the Board of Directors)
  • Assistant Treasurer: Shona Fillipon
  • Secretary: Lauren Small